Upcoming Gig on August 29thposted 16-08-2014

Live footage - Cadillac, Oldenburgposted 10-06-2014

teaser bannerMissed our last show? We uploaded some impressions for you. They can be found in our gallery.
Thanks to Detlev Janssen and S.U.N.-Photography-Oldenburg for taking those pictures.

Upcoming Gig on April 25thposted 18-04-2014

We want to introduce you to Dr.Bob as our new shouter!

After 5 weeks of practice he'll come through his baptism of fire at our next show on April 25th. It will take place at the Cadillac in Oldenburg.
We will replace In Signum at the CD release show of our fellows from Austin Death Trip.

facebook: Austin Deathtrip CD Release Show

Dead Snow 2013 - Upcoming Gig on December 20thposted 5-12-2013

teaser bannerWhat is the best way to celebrate the end of the year?? Right, to attend a death metal concert including Fallen Saints, Carthago Must Fall and of course Fetocide.
The Guys from headcrash organised this show called "Dead Snow 2013". It will take place at the Discothek Tunis in Friedeburg/Marx.
So we take this opportunity to thank nico from headcrash and we also hope to see you there.

facebook: Dead Snow 2013

Live footage - Juz Moormerlandposted 11-01-2013

teaser bannerRecently we've uploaded just a few pics of the past show at the Juz Phönix, Moormerland.
They can be found in our gallery.

Please maintain these high standards of good work! posted 03-11-2012

We'd like to thank “Extreme Drummers Universe”, “Bandhaus Leipzig” and Sebastian for organizing and mounting such a great event like the Death­cult Armageddon Festival. There are only a few guys who work as hard and dedicated as you.
We've had a great time!

We're heading for Leipzig!posted 24-10-2012

teaser banner2 days, 8 bands, loud music and plenty of beer. Sounds like it's going to be a wonderful night at the Deathcult Armageddon Festival! And guess what Fetocide will complete the first day as headliner.

You can get the details here

Live footage - Palazzoposted 30-09-2012

Hey Guys. Accidentally we had a video camera with us at the show in Wilhelmshaven. So here is the result:

Soma” – live @ Palazzo Wilhelmshaven

Thanks a million to Sarah who got us on camera and everybody else at the show!

New shows coming up!posted 06-09-2012

teaser Once again we'll take part at the headcrash festival. This time we will share the stage with “Night in Gales”, “Gorezone”, “Ingurgitating Oblivion” and “Battue”.
The festival is located at the Amadeus Tanzspeicher, Oldenburg. Doors will open 7 pm.

teaserOtherwise you've got the possibility to join us on Sep. 22 in Wilhelmshaven at the Palazzo.
Live on stage:
“Honey I Kill You”, “Passfader”, “Fetocide”, “Call of Acheron” and “Tarantic”.
Doors will open 8 pm.

Hope to see there!

Updates, updates, updates...posted 15-12-2011

Recently some things have happened, which made it necessary to update our homepage. We wish you a lot of enjoyment with some updated videos, lyrics, pictures and reviews.

As a small token of our thanks...posted 6-12-2011

teaserThanks to Mental Killing Spree, Palazzo WHV and all those who supported and joined us Saturday night! We hope, you enjoyed the show just as we did.
To get a first impression of the gig, we've just up­loaded some pics which can be found in our gallery.

New Split-CD coming soon!posted 29-08-2011

split_coverThis 5-way-split-CD will be called “Split yourself”. The art­work is already done and the mastering is about to get finished.
As a teaser, you can find the new song "Blindfold" on MySpace and here.
Further news about the release date will be published soon...

New Tracks coming soonposted 24-05-2011

We've just finished the recording of three new songs. They will be published on a split-CD within this summer. This release is the result of the cooperation with “Very Wicked”, “Cerebric Turmoil”, “Johnston” and “Tears of Decay”.
We'll keep you updated...

Christmas is gone but we still have some giftsposted 7-12-2010

This summer we have recorded five songs for our EP “redesigned”. You can download them as mp3-files for free. Beyond that you also can download the entire “repetitive patterns” album also including the artwork. To get the files visit our downloads

YouTube Linksposted 7-12-2010

Watch fetocide on YouTube

live @ Headcrash Fest; Amadeus, OL - recorded by JP

2010 version live @ Headcrash Fest; Amadeus, OL - recorded by Schorsch Harrison

the most complex forms
rehearsal recording

done during recording session - do not try this at home

first rehearsal impression - not to be taken too seriously ^^