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First of all, can you describe to the readers of Empire of Death your fistalbum “Redefine” (if you want track by track)?
First of all hello and thanks for your interest in fetocide. Actually, we had a demo recording before the redefine album (“shedding liquid flesh” in 2002). The songs “reduced by no one”, “Shedding liquid fles”, “faces” and “ceremony of delusion” were already on this demo, which was just dedicated to finding new band members to recover fetocide back then. So these are the oldest songs on redefine. The other tracks were written in our first proper line-up and show our first technical development during this period of time (for we are always achieving new skills with each new song). The bonus track was written during the recording sessions. There's no particular order of songs on this recording, but we wanted to show an impression of our older songs and intensify it with the impact of the more contemporate tracks. “shedding...” for example takes far less technical abilities than any newer song but is still one of my favorite songs due to his sheer brutal riffing. I think we obtained a decent mixture of technical riffing and more versatile, melodic and brutal parts.

The album it's called “Redefine”: What's the meaning? Maybe do you mean that with this release you have redefined death features?

We didn't mean to say we would be able to redefine the whole death metal music. The titel is kept ambiguous. We redefined our whole musical concept way before the recordings. You can redefine the cover, the lyrics and your personal approach to our music every single day. But these are just some interpretations and everyone is free to interpret us as he wants to. It's just an open space and a hint to free your mind before approaching our music (for you might find some new surprises in every single track). We like to play with the unexpected and avoid cliché-thinking.

Your sound is e melting pot of different influences such as Nile, Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel and Suffocation. Which are, in your opinion, the features that you have in common with these bands?

It's a real honor to us to be compared with these bands. Actually we all agree that we don't sound too familiar with Morbid Angel. But the named bands are definately bands we're all into. I think the main thing we have in common with these bands is our strife to combine technical versatility with brutal and morbid music. It's always like roaming on a sharp edge between straight and weird riffing.

Define in few words your style.

We play technical death metal. Not much more to say about it. I think the answers to the previous question give a good insight in our musical approach.

How is born the partnership with Obscure Domain productions?

Obscure Domain is a new label founded by Sönke of “endzeit” zine and Hacker of “unholy terror” zine. Sönke happened to read a review of our redefine-promo and became interested in us. Shortly after that Hacker sent me an email asking for a promotional copy and we seemed to be convincing to both of them. So we obtained the deal. We're absolutely satisfied with obscure domain because both guys are really cool and helpful and they definately have a wide understanding of death metal. We couldn't think of any label that would suit us more.

Which are the main themes of your lyrics?

The lyrics deal with the darker shades of human nature. As I mentioned above, we leave a lot of space for ambiguity and try to avoid too explicit gore lyrics.

Can you tell us the most important death metal bands/albums that marked your life?

This is a hard question because you are able to find loads of cool new bands every single day. I think some recordings that definately had an impact on us are(in no particular order): Monstrosity - Imperial Doom
Sinister - Hate
Gorgasm - Bleeding profusely
Origin - all
Dying Fetus - Destroy the opposition
Necrophagist - Onset of Putrefaction
Dillinger Escape Plan - Calculating Infinity
Meshuggah - Chaosphere
But I'm afraid I could fill up some more pages with this.... ;)

Which are your future plains?

Playing gigs has a superior meaning to us. We'll try to play as many concerts as we can obtain - also to promote our album, but being on stage is simply the most intense feeling for us. Besides we're rehearsing on a load of new songs and ideas and are thinking of recording three new tracks. If we do so, we'll probably put them on our homepage for free download as a first insight of the contemporary fetocide-status. And if we make it through our newest songs, we'll perhaps record our second full length about this winter and hopefully release it again on obscure domain. But as you can see, the recording planning is still rather vage and we'll see when we are absolutely satisfied with our new stuff.

How is the german death metal scene? Are there interesting new bands?

In my opinion the german death metal scene is really strong and vivid. There are loads of cool bands around. Just to mention the most worthwhile (no garanty I didn't miss one) there are the great Ingurgitating Oblivion, Gorezone, Despondency, Necrophagist, Profanity, Sudden Death, Tears Of Decay, Ripped2Shreds, The Awakening and many others... Most of these bands are even located just nearby and it's really cool to hang out with these guys and enjoy their music.

The interview is it's up to you, say whatever you wanna say! All we can do is wishing you all the best for this album and for your future endeavours!! Thanks again for the interview!

I have to thank you again for supporting us and for making up such an interesting interview. Every death metal maniac is invited to go to and contact us. Interested anyone can leave his email address for receiving our newsletter. And of course we'd love to sell some more copies of our album throughout the world. So support the death metal underground!
Stay brutal!

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