Unholy Cult zine

Germany is a splendid place that I am severely partial due to their culture. They have exceptional beers like Paulaner, Salvator, and German Weißbier. Tasty sausages ripe for clogging the ole arteries like Bockwurst, Bierschinken, and my fucking favorite Weißwurst, goes down perfect with rye bread, sweet mustard, and beer. Along with booze and the Autobahn, Germany has a variety of Metal bands that blister the country with a sense of spiteful malevolence. One of their newest bands is Fetocide who have put out a debut called “Redefine.”

The most obvious thing in hearing this band is a gritty semi-technical Death Metal style. Each song is filled with breaks, off kilter tempo shifts, and exceptional guitar soloing. Another fun aspect of hearing Fetocide on “Redefine” is a harmonious mixture of blast beating spread over stop start time signatures. Where the riffing is concerned, the style comes across uniquely discordant. This may be a result of the guitar tone being aerial, in that they sound like a Sturzkampfbomber (Stuka) swooping and diving with deadly insane precision. Wrapped together, the blend of a rotund rhythm section with air raid guitars gives Fetocide a sound saturated in dynamic harmonics. Contrasted against the backdrop of technicality is the fathomless vocalization that fills the music with a sense of destruction. This vocal style is rapturously antagonizing in its deepness forcing the listener to curl into a beaten pulpy mass.

Influences of the Fetocide sound are ubiquitous. If I had to try and pin down their style I would say the guitar tone is reminiscent of what was found on Cannibal Corpse's “The Bleeding”, and the type of harmonic riffing heard off of Iniquity's “Serenadium” is present. Other elements that funnel through in the mix are a less bouncing Pavor bass, the technicality of Ingurgitating Oblivion, and the time changes of Suffocation. Overall the Fetocide sound is mostly their own, and I get the idea that with their next album they will have further forged their identity.

Making the musical found on this album top notch is that the production is extremely clear. Obviously, this adds to the heaviness conveyed though the music while displaying Fetocide's musical prowess. Fans, “Redefine” is a damned good debut and worth $10 bones spent at your favorite label. Buy it and spin it with several German beers to keep your head afloat amidst the carnage.

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