Raw Nerve Pro­moti­ons

Coming to us in a DVD case, with an unreadable logo, and an unrelenting approach to their immense sounding death metal, Fetocide have much for me to love and adore. Massive riffs, excellent breakdowns, powerful vocals mostly of the deeper variety but with the occasional higher holler, and the whole thing is intensely dark sounding. The more we move through the tracks though, they show off an air of unexpected progression amidst the battering, along the same lines that Cannibal Corpse would include some weird ideas, Fetocide throw riffs, lurches and roaming solos. Whilst also including influences from Exmortem, Visceral Bleeding, Deeds of Flesh, the main sonic comparison would be to Deranged with lots of squeals and the chaotic atmosphere.

This is a top album that will hopefully see the name Fetocide placed a few rungs higher on the death metal pecking order.

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