I was really surprised when I first heard “Redefine” mainly because this is a self financed release and it's so professionally done. If Fetocide don't get to release this through a label soon then it's totally unfair. The music is technical death metal and the band appear to be somewhat influenced by Death [RIP] and early Iniquity [RIP], but still they maintain their own identity.

The songs are varied with lots of temposhifts and breaks. Not to mention some very good leads. The music is mostly kept in a fast pace, but the music does slow down a bit on a regular basis adding further to the diversity and making the songs even more memorable. All the songs are good, but of course there are always songs that are better than the other and Redefine is no different. In particular the ultra fast "Shedding Liquid Flesh" and "Visual Deformity" which remind me a lot of Iniquity, but without sounding the exact same, as well as "Utterances Unheard" appeared to be the most worthwhile, but as I wrote before all the songs are pretty good so it's kind of hard to chose. The production could have been a little better as the guitars tend to sound somewhat thin at times. A fatter and juicier guitar sound would have suited the band better.

Fetocide know how to write some death metal that can stand lots of listens without stating to get boring. The more I listen to Redefine the more evident this become. With a fatter and juicier production Redefine could easily have gotten 5 out 6 or even higher. Redefine is a very good effort and I hope the band soon get the deal they so righteously deserve.

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