Ingurgitated Decapitation

Do you enjoy low vocals like old Nile, Incantation, tasteful technical riffs like Hate Eternal, Spawn Of Possession, with relentless brutality of Disgorge CA? These guys play some really good fucken' death metal. Very talented guitars. Guitarist Ingo used to play for Embedded but left due to boredom. Not a suprise. Fetocide kills Embedded!

These riffs on this cd are very well structured even down to the solos. You won't find any cheese here. Every solo was well thought out. A few remind me of Mortal Decay's style. There are plenty of harmonics of every variety, too. The guitar work just flows really well throughout the whole disc, making the entire listen very enjoyable. It's not all the same exact stuff. You'll hear little things here and there that will pop out at you and you go "Hey! That was cool!" Like different harmonies encorporated in the faster shredding riffs, along with the breaks. Ingo is very talented I must say. I have respect for anyone who had to play drums, sing, and write the riffs. I know exactly how hard it is. He did find a good drummer (Marius) who appears on this new disc. He's right up there with Robbe from Pyaemia/Disavowed. Fucking flawless, fast perfection. They also have a good bass player to back up those awesome riffs (Timo) who you can faintly hear. He jams with Tears Of Decay. Their vocalist (Dirk), which I immedeately described as low as fuck, is vocals for Ripped2Shreds.

Now this production is fucking killer! This band isn't exactly the most brutal shit out there, but brutal enough to please fans of the most extreme. They have a bit of harmony like I said, but done right. Not in the gay way, that is flooding and killing our metal today. It's done aggressively and sparingly. Tracks are: Morbid Mental Misery, Lies, Shedding Liquid Flesh, Displaced Exaltation, Visual Deformity, Reduced By No One, Utterances Unheard, Ceremony Of Delusion, and Faces. These aren't all exactly your typical deathmetal themes, which brings the whole "Redefine" title of the disc. It seems as though they have some meaning to their themes which always gives the music a stronger vibe. I totally sense this when listening to the cd. Thanks to Hacker from Obscure Domain Productions for turning me on to Fetocide!


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