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Fetocide started out in 1998, back then stil named Deformity. The next year they changed their name and recorded (as a two piece outfit) a demo that was partially meant to find new band members. They found a couple of blokes who were up to write and play some musical mayhem and after completing the line-up and changing a few guys (again) the band entered the studio late 2005 to record their debut album Redefine.

Redefine is also Obscure Domains debut, as it's their first release. I also received “Vomepotro” of these guys, and I was afraid they would have a bad taste in death metal, as that last band hadn't much to offer. Fortunately that's not the case and this German band is way different. Brutal technical death metal that often goes beyond a humans comprehension with over-the-top breaks, riffs, leads and so on. Man, these guys include some weird shit in their music, that even raised a few eyebrows on my face. It's quite clear that this band is heavily influenced by the American death metal scene, no doubt about it. Cannibal corpse, Angelcorpse, Nile, Morbid Angel, clear examples if you'd ask me. Only this band adds some personalized elements that make the music more distant and less human in a way, which is meant positive, in case you're wondering what I mean. The first few songs it seems that the band can only produce the faster-than-fast blasts but further along the album Fetocide includes more than enough room for more slower moments, groovy beats and slow, dragging pasts with cool solos, that reminded me a bit of country mates Necrophagist. The guttural vocals are low and sewery and could use some more variation but fit the music quite well. If you like Nile, Incantation and such, you know what I'm talking about.

This ain't exactly music you put on and easily listen to. Most of the time you have to concentrate to what the band is playing, if you want it to make sense to ya. At times its a difficult death metal band that some might have problems with. On the other hand, today we are far more known with technical and absurd death metal bands than, lets say, seven years ago. So its more of a matter if this style is your style. And again, I think this has grown more on people than several years back.

So Fetocide can probably count on good responses. Sometimes they need to put some structure in their songs, and the leads should've been provided with a better sound, but apart from that, Redefine turned out to be a strong debut that contains a surprise in the last song for you. A surprise that really sounds good on this album and brings more balance. A good, brutal and bloody job if youd ask me!

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