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What would be the expression of your face if Selen (Italian porn star) would be naked in your bed waiting for you? I guess, the same expression of mixed incredulity and surprise will be impressed on your face during the listening of the debut album of this amazing band, called Fetocide, five guys come from Germany.

In 2005, after seven long years of wait, they finally managed to produce their first full-length, Redefine, feeding us with a true masterpiece. Perhaps, it's not a big surprise, due to the fact that Teutonic lands are constantly exhibiting very talented bands, as for example Necrophagist and Death Reality, more than ever. However it's very hard not to be completely fainted by an album like Redefine; during the listening of this platter also the most apathetic death metaller would be taken by convulsions! The band, from the top of their huge class, show us how to play an excellent american brutal-death metal which takes inspiration from bands like Cannibal Corpse, Suffocation, Nile and, shouldn''t this be enough, Morbid Angel. When your mentors are the bands I just mentioned, it's impossible not to be the authors of an explosive sound, like hundreds hydrogen bombs. The five guys really don't steal riff from other bands (otherwise I wouldn't talk of them in this way!), but they give their release a very personal mark, showing to be great fucking musicians!

What do you have to expect from this album? I'll tell you what: so much wickedness and violence that you wont be able to recover, technique everywhere both for rhythmic sections, Marius is a blasting demon at the drums, and guitar riff, Floris and Ingo really show all their preparation playing very reckless and incisive riff. Of course we can find these features also in other bands, but the thing which separates and exalts Fetocide from the others is the geniality of the songwriting: without that the technique would be useless. It is sufficient listening to the opener, Morbid Mental Misery, to understand that Fetocide are not a band just like another. A short intro precedes the extermination which begins in the best way: an ultra fast blast-beat interspaced by sudden stop-and-go make people understand there is no possibility to survive from this kind of massacre. Also the axe-men Floris and Ingo show in few seconds what they are made of, with sequences of riff pulled to the maximum and supported by an unexceptionable execution.

From the beginning we can hear the main guides of their sounds, in fact we can feel the heaviness of Suffocation with some patterns leading to the sound of both Morbid Angel and Cannibal Corpse and finally a riffing composition inspired by Nile. In general the average speed is high but we can also see some changes of time which contribute to make the overall performance more varied. It is very embarrassing for me to choose other songs which most represent the band because every one of them is an excellent example of what we can define as Fetocide Style. I would say Lies, Faces or Visual Deformity but the final result is always the same: you'll find brutality mixed with technique in every track of this album. Of course the songs are never repetitive, on the contrary they have great variety of contents. You have to listen to this album from the very first second till the last one, not jumping from a track to another one; the atmospheres will surely conquer your brain and your soul and will keep you in front of you stereo astonished!

Finally, the production gives a hand to Fetocide, showing a powerful sound thanks to the recording session both clean but with some spaces to more harsh sounds. 2005 will be definitely a year to remember both for the band, with their debut album, and death metal fans everywhere in the world, because we don't see this kind of albums released every day! By purchasing Redefine your money wouldn't be spent in a better way!

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