Band History 

Fetocide is:

  • Alexander Popken - Vocals
  • Arne Busche - Guitars
  • Ingo Neugebauer - Guitars
  • Jens Bachmayer - Bass
  • André Janßen - Drums

Fetocide came into being in 1998 - then still named Deformity. Being renamed into Fetocide during the following year, the band still existed as a two - piece - project of Ingo Neugebauer (guit./voc./drums) and Kai Schweers (guit./bass). Both stopped working on Fetocide for some time when they started playing with Embedded in 1999.

After leaving Embedded in 2002, both decided to revive Fetocide in order to follow their strife for technical and extreme music. A new bass player was found in Timo Prühn (now also playing at Tears Of Decay) and after a short time of rehearsing Fetocide recorded a first demo (“Shedding Liquid Flesh”) featuring Ingo on drums and guitars, Kai on guitars and vocals and Timo on bass - in winter 2002. This demo was exclusively dedicated to finding a new drummer and shouter.

Marius von Beckerath joined the band as a drummer and Fetocide started rehearsing, writing new material and working hard to extend their skills to a new level. When Ingo joined the death-grind band Ripped2Shred, R2S vocalist Dirk Frenking was convinced to join Fetocide as new shouter.

Just before recording “Redefine”, Kai had to leave the band because he was no longer able to fulfil the band's ideals of technique and motivation. So Ingo took the job to record all guitar tracks in order to look for a new second guitarist after the recording sessions. “Redefine” was partly recorded and mastered at Bonecracker studios (e.g. Diaphragma, Ripped2Shreds). Additional recordings and mixing was done at Trollheim studios (e.g. Sudden Death, Branded Skin, Dawn Of Disease).

When Timo quit the band a new bass player was found in shape of Hannes Bruns. As he joined the band right before the recording of “Repetitive Patterns” all guitars and bass tracks were recorded by Ingo. The whole “Repetitive Patterns” album was recorded within three days at Trollheim studios. Recording, mixing and mastering was done by Ingo.

A lot of rearranging the line-up was done shortly after this. Dirk left the band due to lacking time and Hannes chose to play different music styles. New members had to be found. When Jens joined the band it fastly turned clear that a new bass player dedicated to also replace any second guitarist was found, so Fetocide decided to continue as a four-piece. Within the next jams Heiko (a good friend) took the part of growling.

Unfortunately in summer 2009 Marius had to quit the band because of severe health reasons. This was - after seven years of playing together - the first real loss in Fetocides vita and the band decided to take a break.

After almost one year of absence, a new drummer was found in shape of André H. Janßen (Pumpkin Heads; Vike Tare). Together with him, Arne Busche (a formerly Blues and Prog Metal playing guitarist) and Alexander Popken on vocals we are currently preparing to again cause some severe damage on stage.